Maybe God Can Be On Both Sides of the Gun

“Maybe God can be on both sides of the gun,
Never understood why some of us never get it so good, so good”
~ “Say When” by The Fray

When I first heard this song, I was listening to the whole album in my truck, and I was going down the road, thinking, listening, but not really listening, you know what I’m talking about? But as I’m driving, I hear this line “maybe God can be on both sides of the gun” and I think “wait, what?” So I quick grabbed my iPod and rewound a bit, and listened to it again. I got to thinking about that line. What does it mean that maybe God can be on both sides of the gun? Does God pull the trigger? Does he get shot? Both? I had a problem with the thought of God pulling the trigger, because that would mean that God would intentionally harm us, or even kill us… But as I got thinking, I began to wonder if maybe what he means here is that God will be there, to comfort everyone, on both sides… Both the victim and the shooter… Right in the chorus it says “and my own two hands will comfort you tonight, say when, and my own two arms will carry you tonight, say when.” I think God is there, and says, to the victim, I will carry you myself, and then to the shooter he says, “I will comfort you in your time of trouble.” You see, we are so quick to say that God is there for those who are down and on the ground from the gun, but we often don’t acknowledge that God is there for the person who pulled the trigger as well… God cares for us all, so why would he leave the shooter out to rot for Satan, and not be there for him? Maybe, just maybe, we need to acknowledge that those who “gun us down” need God’s comfort just as much as we do. And I don’t mean in like a “they need Jesus” arrogant, self-righteous way that we as Christians often do, but in a loving, caring way. Is this what Jesus meant when he said to love your enemy? So maybe next time you feel like someone has gunned you down, picture Jesus standing there with them, because they need his comfort just as much as you need him to carry you while you heal. Maybe God can be on both sides of the gun…