Lost and Alone

It’s been a bit of an interesting night. I started watching “The Gods Aren’t Angry” by Rob Bell (affiliate link). I was supposed to be writing this blog post, but I was enthralled by the video. When I write, I generally close out all social media, turn off the TV, and put on some music. But tonight, I don’t know why, but I didn’t.

And I thank God I didn’t. Continue reading


So Many Thoughts and Deadlines

I have so many thoughts swirling in my head. Something I didn’t expect to hear, yet am not surprised to learn. This, on top of the deadlines coming up in the next day or two, my mind is in a tailspin, my heart is racing, my breath is shallow, my hands shake as they type…

I need to go lose myself in prayer and worship, to regain my focus and get control and perspective back into my world… Please pray for me in the coming day or two…