Being Who You’re Not

We have this notion that being who we are not is a bad thing. And for the most part, I’d agree with you…

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Milestones & Documentation

We all have major events in our lives. Milestones. Turning points.Call them what you will, but we all have them. These are major events in our lives, high points or low points.

But you have to mark them. That is literally what the word “milestone” references to, a stone that marked a mile.

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re: The Fire That Burns In Your Heart

As some of you know, I was away at a camp this week. And it was an awesome week. But before I went, one of the other counselors (we’ll call him Steve) was feeling his fire for it burning out, and he was not looking forward to it. Then the first day of camp, 2 of the campers (who have been with us since the 2nd year) came to myself and another counselor  (we’ll call him Bob) and said that they wanted to make a video for Steve, saying how much they appreciated him and all his hard work over the past 7 years. We called this project “Cake: The One Time It’s Not A Lie”. Sneaking around behind Steve’s back, these 2 campers went and filmed other campers, staff, and counselors (and even some alumni) describing Steve, how they met Steve, and how Steve inspired them. Then on the last night of camp, we showed Steve “Cake”. That Cake renewed the fire that burned in Steve’s heart.
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