Today we are going to talk about something that is important for leaders if we are going to effectively influence people. We are going to talk about COMMUNICATION. When I talk about communication, I’m not talking about public speaking (though many of these things can be applied to it) I’m talking about communicating in the context of relationships with the people you are leading. Continue reading

About The Author – My Method

If you haven’t read my other posts, you can find them here. The order is IntroductionMy Passion & My Calling. Please read these if you haven’t yet…


Now, I want to talk about my method, how I live out my calling and my passion. This is probably the most misunderstood part of me, the part that is hardest for people who don’t know me well to understand. Which means it will be the longest post too…

If I could sum up my method in one word it would be this:

Relationships.  Continue reading