Thoughts on Friendship

“When you can’t run anymore, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that, you find someone to carry you.” ~ Firefly

I spend a lot of time talking about friends.

But that is because friendship is one of the most important things to get you through life. They are the ones to laugh in your joy, cry in your pain, and pull you along when you don’t have the strength.

But what is a true friend? In an age where you “friend request” someone on Facebook after meeting them for 5 min, I wonder if we have lost the true meaning of what it means to be a friend… Continue reading



Well, today I am speaking at Amplify Youth Group. I have been working on my sermon for like 3 weeks now, and I’m really excited to share, but I’m also really nervous. I’m going to be sharing some stuff from my life, and the number of people in the area who know about this time in my life will literally double, if not triple, so it’s a little scary…

If you could be sure to say a prayer for me tonight, that I would be able to speak with boldness, compassion, and that God would move through me, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll resume my more “normal” style posts on thursday, I promise.

Loss and Inspiration

Recently, a young girl in the local school here passed away. She was diagnosed with cancer about 10 months ago, and lost her battle a few days ago. Some of the youth here in our youth group were very close to her. I remember when I first found out that she had taken a turn for the worst about a week ago, it rocked some of them to their very core. That night when we first found out, about 5 of us went down to the youth building and prayed for her. For all of her friends and family. Prayed that God would give them, and her, strength to endure whatever came next. We prayed for comfort. We prayed for healing. But above all, we prayed that God would do what was best, and that HE would be the focus of it all.

I don’t believe that God makes everything happen, or even that everything happens for a reason. Some things just happen. But I do believe that in all things, there can be something good to come of it.

But what about death? What good comes of death? Sure, I can see it, but what about all those around me? Do they see it? How do you tell them “There is something good that will come out of this” when they’ve just lost one of their best friends? You say “God will find a way to make this good” and they ask you “How?” and you don’t know how to answer. “I don’t know.” “then how do you know that something good will come of it?” “I just do.” yeah. Real strong case there… But I guess that’s why they call it faith.

I only met the young girl once. At one of our youth kids birthday parties. And as much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t remember her until I saw a picture on Facebook. But her story made my heart break. No parent should ever have to bury their child.

Then yesterday, we were sitting with our student leaders after the funeral, before youth group, letting them process and unravel their feelings over the whole situation. And I got to hear how this girl, whom I never met, had impacted so many lives. “She was funny.” “She was never awkward.” “She loved life.” They loved the life she lived, and her death inspired them to live like she did. THAT is the good that God will bring from it.

And to hear what they, some of her closest friends, had to say, it makes you think. What’s the impact you are leaving behind? If you died tonight, what would people say about you? Would your life inspire others to live a better life?