Equal Rights



I have recently found myself being drawn into a new cause. There is a great injustice out there that I has surged recently.

Rights for Droids.

Droids in today’s day and age, with all of our civil rights talk, are basically modern-day slaves. I mean, we expect them to do all the crap work, we don’t pay them, and they have no rights.

Heck, we even buy and sell them!

This is a great cause that I am very excited to help support, if you are going to throw your weight behind anything, you should throw it behind this, because Droids are not something to be owned, they are friends to be cherished!


Why Today’s Causes Fail

Everyone remember the Kony 2012 movement earlier this  year? Did anyone ever hear what happened with that? That’s because nothing significant happened. That whole “cover the night” thing? Never really happened.

It got me thinking, why have so many movements, some never even more than blip on a radar for a day? Continue reading