A Thought to Ponder

“To all the cynics:
Do you need a reason to have faith, be positive, have hope, and believe? Here it is: the sun will be back again tomorrow. And on that day when the sun falls from the sky? So what? Congratulations, you were finally right on the very last day.”

~ Shawn Duffy

My American History teacher had that on his board one day, and I instantly fell in love with the quote. Why not be optimistic of the future ? Why not have hope? What harm comes out of that? And the day you are wrong, well, that’s the end of the world, so no worries about you being wrong.

Remember, tomorrow is a brand new day, you get to start over again. The question is: What will you do with it? Who will you be?


A Dam is About to Break

A dam is about to break.

Are you ready?

There is this rushing that is soon to be released, and the question the dam is asking is, “are you ready?” Are we ready for what is coming? Because while what we are getting now is water trickling over the edge of the dam, the dam will soon break, and it will come rushing in like a herd of wild horses that this area has never seen.
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Where Am I Going?

I started writing this in a Word document a while ago, but never finished it. Then I started reading “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” by Donald Miller, and so many of the things I had started to write, he talked about in his book, and that inspired me to finish it. So most of this will be a combo of his ideas, and mine.


Have you ever just sat and wondered about the path of your life? Where you’ve been, where you are, where you are going, who was major in your life then, who is now, and who might be in the future? I don’t do this often, but when I do, I often find myself then thinking about “what if I had taken a different path?” or “what if I hadn’t let that person get so close to me and influence me in such a big way?”.

This thought process then brings me to “what path am I on now?” and “Who is a big influence in my life now?”. And that leads to “Where am I going?”, “Who will still be around in my life later?”.

The question that I usually end up spending the most time with is “What if I let so-and-so know me better? What if I let them know every little part of me? How would my life change from here on out?” It is at that point I begin to realize who my best friends are.  They are the ones I WANT to let into my life more. The ones I want to share my struggles with. The ones I want to talk to when I feel like crying. It is important to take stock of those in your life, and look at where you are going. I once heard it said, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

I’ve had a lot of conversations with a few different people over the past few weeks about where they are going. There is a time for sitting and waiting for God’s direction, and there is a time for acting and trusting that God will close the door if it’s not right. I think most of the time, God is either saying “Pick one, and I’ll bless it” or “pick one and I’ll tell you if it’s wrong. But do something!” Think of it as moving a rock. It’s easier to change the direction that rock is moving in once you have that rock moving.

What do you think? Have you stopped and thought about your life’s path, and the people on that path recently? Do you just need to start making plans and trust that God will bless it or give you direction if it’s wrong?


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