Celebrations (1 of 5)

Well, I’m coming up upon 1 year of consistent blogging… So I thought I would celebrate by looking over the past year of my life, and sharing my most popular posts from this past year… Some of these are the posts that have been viewed the most, and some are the ones that meant the most to me…

Today’s post is titled Experiments and is from March 2nd, when I talked about the first big change on my blog since I started blogging, and my viewpoint on everything I do… Continue reading


For those of who don’t know, I work for and attend Gap Community Church. One of the many things I like about it is how we are very clear that everything we do is an experiment and in motion. You can pretty much guarantee that everything we do will change fairly constantly.

This attitude of experimentation I’ve found to be something that is useful to have in life too. It makes you feel ok when things don’t work out like you would like, or you don’t feel bad when you have to change things or end things. It makes it ok to make mistakes/mess up.

That being said, I want to talk about some changes coming up with my blog here.
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