Other’s Thoughts…

Below I list some other people that I enjoy reading who also share their thoughts on a variety of topics. I have met some of them in person, some I haven’t. But over the course of time, I have gotten to know them, and would consider all of them friends. So please check out their blogs and see what they have to say!

Cameron Hall – My best friend, Cameron, is a phenomenal lyricist and worship leader. His music has a way of reaching into my heart and pulling out the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are there, and putting them into words in a way that I never could. Cameron is hoping to go to New Life School of Worship this fall, but needs to raise some money, so he is has a single out on noisetrade that you can snag for FREE or, if you feel so inclined, leave a tip. He is hoping to release an EP album soon, which will also be available online (more details to come on that when it happens)… You can find his music page on Facebook here.

Further Along – 2 of my best friends went out on a cross country trip for 3 months, came home for Christmas, and then went back out for 3 more months, with the addition of someone else! The purpose of this trip was to for them to take some time to seek God, and for Him to show them the men that He want’s them to be, and they are doing it through travel and music! They posted updates and things they learned along the road, so be sure to check it out!

Chuck Holt – Chuck is the executive director of The Factory Ministries.  The Factory ministries exists to empower others to change their community. Check out his blog for more about him!

Brenda Boitson – Brenda lost her husband on October 28, 2008 to a rare Angiosarcoma tumor when she was 24, and he was 36. She has an INCREDIBLE story about over coming that loss, and how it has motivated her. So check out her blog, I can promise it is an inspiring story!

Shawn Smucker – Shawn is a talented writer, a phenomenal father, and a good friend. Shawn has some great stories to tell, both fiction and thought provoking. He’ll have you thinking from the first post you read!

Bryan Allain – Byran is a humor writer (and a fellow LOST fan) I first met Bryan on twitter after reading his HILARIOUS post “Noah’s Ark According to The Office“. I finally met him in person when he spoke at the Fall Youth retreat in 2010. Since then, I’ve gotten to know him, and I also work with his wife, Erica. Bryan is a VERY funny writer who will have you laughing with every one of his posts.

Lora Jackle – Lora is my cousin (which probably her greatest claim to fame… Just kidding!). Lora is an occupation therapist and has had the opportunity to work with a lot of kids, but none so special as Maria. Then, Lora had the opportunity to adopt Maria, and she is now the mother of the cleverest little girl in the whole world. Lora’s blog is best described by Lora herself when she said “This is a journey, that of myself and my beautiful daughter, who fights so hard, every day, not only to survive, but to LIVE well! It is our journey to become a forever family, and all of the frustrations that come with it!” Lora and Maria are both very inspiring to me to not just survive, but to truly LIVE!

Trevor Heinrich – I met Trevor through my work at Amplify Youth Ministry back in the day, and became really good friends with his older brother, and now consider Trevor one of my close friends. Trevor is a phenomenal guy with huge dreams and heart for God, though he would tell you he’s nothing special. He puts it this way on his blog: “Just a teenage boy trying to change the world. I have god sized dreams that start with each baby step one day at a time aimed in the right direction. I play guitar, drink coffee, write music, hang with friends, but most importantly am madly in love with the One who knows myself more than I do. I have a heart for people and love getting to know them.” He inspires me is so many little ways that I can’t even begin to list them. If you have a minute, check out his blog, you’ll be glad you did!