Below you’ll find some of the video’s I’ve worked on in the past. To see more, visit FlyTraffic Media

This is one of the video previews/announcements that we used to use to promote our service each week. You can find the rest of them (as well as other videos) at GCC’s Youtube page


This was a video I made at a video production camp I help out with every year. The kids were making TV shows, so the counselors helped them out and made a commercial for them


These next 2, I made with some friends. They were known as “The Triune” and we thought it would be funny to make a commercial for a TV show about them… so here is the TV spot for “Triune Rising” (and the behind the scenes video is below it)


While staying up all night to cook some food for a BBQ sale for Tyler & Cameron’s Trip, we decided to write a country song. It was a lot of fun, and well, you just need to listen to it… (the video itself isn’t anything special, it’s the song that’s important…)