The Joshua Problem

Continuing my “Leadership Lessons” series that I’ve sorta unofficially been doing (and pulling from my youth ministry days for it), I want to talk about “The Joshua Problem” (this one is taken from the book series titled “Habitudes”)

How many of you guys have heard of a guy called Moses?

Moses was the guy who rescued an entire nation from slavery, put up with their whining, lead them around for 40 years in a desert, and was a phenomenal leader.

Moses led the Jewish people to the Promised Land, but was unable to cross over into it himself before he died. Luckily, he had trained Joshua to take his place, so when Moses died, there was a seamless transition from Moses to Joshua, and the Israelites were able to enter the Promised Land. But after they had the Promised Land, a problem arose… Continue reading


Today we are going to talk about something that is important for leaders if we are going to effectively influence people. We are going to talk about COMMUNICATION. When I talk about communication, I’m not talking about public speaking (though many of these things can be applied to it) I’m talking about communicating in the context of relationships with the people you are leading. Continue reading