About The Author – My Method

If you haven’t read my other posts, you can find them here. The order is IntroductionMy Passion & My Calling. Please read these if you haven’t yet…


Now, I want to talk about my method, how I live out my calling and my passion. This is probably the most misunderstood part of me, the part that is hardest for people who don’t know me well to understand. Which means it will be the longest post too…

If I could sum up my method in one word it would be this:

Relationships.  Continue reading

About The Author – My Calling

Last week I talked about my passion, and today  I want to talk about my calling…

If you read the previous post, then most of this shouldn’t really shock you.

My passion is to mentor youth. To help grow, shape, and mold them in the men that God wants them to be. (Side note, I say men and not women because as a single guy in his mid-low 20’s, it would be extremely inappropriate for me to mentor young women)

I love to travel. (This may seem like a bunny trail, but I promise, it’ll all make sense, just keep reading.) Continue reading

About The Author – My Passion

If you spend any amount of time with me, you will quickly realize I am an extremely emotional person. I hide a lot of it behind a logical exterior, but spend a little bit of time with me and you’ll see the emotion very quickly.

Probably most prominent of the emotions you see is passion. Continue reading

About The Author – Introduction


If you spend more than 5 minutes around me, you probably have a ton of them about me, because I’m a very unusual person & I do/say some very odd things… First of all, I take this as a compliment, I mean, normal people are boring, and who wants to be around a boring person?

But that leads to a lot of questions about a lot of things… Continue reading