Dear Mr. President

Well, this morning before I went into work, I wrote an email to our President Barack Obama. I wanted to be respectful, but also address some concerns I had with his administration and what direction it was headed in. I’m not posting this to open this up for a big political debate, so if you are looking for that, go somewhere else, but I wanted you all to know what I wrote, and maybe if more people write messages, he will begin to realize what it is the people actually want. (I included my email address and phone number in the original that I took out, and I had the URLs in the message, but for cleanliness on here, I hyperlinked them)

Dear Mr. President

I have been a long time supporter of you and your goals. I voted for you in both elections, I’ve donated to both campaigns. I cheered when you came out in support of Gay Marriage (If you want to see this for more detail about my view as a liberal christian), and I cried with you over Newtown.

That said, recent news has bothered me. First, the issue with the NSA. I understand that they have a job to do to protect American people. But I have an issue when the government breaks laws to do it. It is one thing to obtain a legal warrant, and to get the information from companies through that warrant. What I am NOT okay with is a division that is specifically organized around hacking into various computer and mobile devices to illegally obtain information. As an American Citizen, this bothers me. We are country founded on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and that we would rather see guilty men walk than the innocent condemned. Our entire legal system is based off of the defense of the potentially innocent man.

I get it. It’s “necessary” to be able to get whatever information you need to do your job of keeping us safe. And if I could trust that this is where it would end, I would be able to accept that. But if the government can hack into my phone, laptop, and who know what else, what is to stop them from planting “evidence” on my phone? Or spinning a false tale based solely on the data on my phone? The government has lost that trust. And it’s going to be hard to earn that back.

It’s hard to earn back because we got caught up in a war in Iraq that we never should have been in. You ran a campaign around bringing our troops home from Iraq and ending an unjust war. But now you do a complete 180 and want to send troops into Syria. What they are going through is a civil war. We went through a civil war. Both their civil war and ours cost innocent lives, yes. Is it tragic? Yes. Should someone step in? Yes. But like with our civil war, wait for someone to ask. Britain did get involved in our civil war, but only after they were asked. If we support the side that asks for our help, then I can understand a justification for doing something (though I still wouldn’t recommend it). But we should not just jump in. Not alone. We need to learn from the Iraq war. If the UN decides to take action, by all means, lend our troops and military to aid it. But unless we are invited in or UN takes action, no. We need to not get involved.

Mr. President, I don’t know if you’ll ever actually read this, but please, take this to heart. The American people have a hard time trusting you and the rest of the government right now. You need to rethink what you are doing. Your job, first and foremost, is to us, the citizens.


~ Joel Cornett

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys, and I would encourage you to write to him as well & let him know what you think.

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