Graduation Bingo

Well, it’s graduation season.

That means we get together, listen to cliché words, phrases, and quotes, all for the sake of something that, let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t have finished if your parents hadn’t pushed  you.

I love celebrating accomplishments, but I HATE cliché stuff… I hated my own graduation cuz of all the clichés, but I went to a graduation last night because my “little brother” was graduating… As I was live tweeting Pequea Valley’s Graduation last night, I said this:

@IamWJC: Aaannnddd there it is… someone finally quoted Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” Just one more cliché & I’ve got Grad Bingo! #PVHSGrad13

Then I wished I had actually made graduation bingo…


I hereby give you Graduation Bingo (click link to open, you can print or save from there. It’s a pdf, so you’ll need something that can read pdf’s to view them). Take them to your next graduation, it’ll keep the ceremony much more interesting… Grads, feel free to play during your own graduation… The only rule is once you get it, you have to shout “BINGO!”, regardless of where in the ceremony you are!

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