On Being Immortal

“A man searches for something that will outlast his life. For immortality of a kind. For a way to change the world, to have his life matter” ~Orson Scott Card, Shadow Puppets

This morning, I just want to give you something to think about. What are you leaving behind that will outlast you?

One comment on “On Being Immortal

  1. to be remembered, you have to remember your self. know who you are. everyday you are reborn, a new person. everyday when you go to bed throughout the bed you have changed. and when you grow up believing in one thing your whole life and find out that it is a lie, it tests you. when someone remembers you sometimes its for you clothing, hair or accent but sometimes if you know who you are and not try to be like everyone else. and if they don’t there narrow-minded. when someones different people will knock you down. I know from experience they will make you feel like crap, a curse on the earth. I felt like that if I tried commit suicide they wouldn’t care, or maybe regret the way they treated me so I tried to hang my self in the closet, and failed. I realized in a few years they would forget about me,when they would think of me they would think that one kid that killed her self what was her name the best way to stand up so them is stand tall be better than them and call out on their ignorance. that is how your remembered. don’t be a follower, be a you.

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