Education Done Right

If you remember, a while ago, I ranted about the problem with education, as well as how we teach today the same way we taught 50 years ago, despite changes to technology, and generations, and learning styles.

Well, I’m pleased that people are starting to get it.

My brother-in-law, a math teacher, has created an app called WileDMath, which is an app in which students complete math problems to earn credits, which they can then spend to play games.

Do you get it? Todays kids don’t want to learn like everyone else. They don’t want cheesy games where, if you solve the problem correctly, the ball goes in the hoop and if you don’t, you miss. They want quality games that they can play for fun. So my brother-in-law has bridged that gap with excellence.

If you have an iPad, I encourage you to download the app, it’s free! Teacher & principals, take note, this is how you do education in todays day and age with the digital generation.


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