United We Stand?

So many times, we christians are our own worst enemy. We judge, argue, call names, ostracize, alienate, and belittle others, over little things in the name of Jesus. But that is so wrong.

<begin rant> When it comes down to it the only real issue we should have is “does this person know Jesus or not?”. Because that, in the end, is the only thing that will matter. Yes, salvation isn’t only about a ticket to heaven, it’s about a transformed life on earth too, but no issue about the transformational process that we are all on should divide us. We are all works in progress. None of us are perfect. So to judge someone else based on their sin is hypocritical of us and not the goal or mission of the church.

It doesn’t matter how you chose to take communion, or if you believe that you have to speak in tongues to have received the baptism of the holy spirit, or if christians are allowed to have a drink of alcohol. What matters is we are all being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and that we are reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus so that they too may experience the awesome transforming power of Jesus. <end rant>

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