Facebook Election Drinking Game

The election is today, and if you are like me, you are not looking forward to Facebook posts when the results of the election come back… So, I figured I’d make it fun (thanks to my friend Lexi for the idea and the first 4 “rules”)…

Without further adieu, the Facebook Election Drinking game
(for those of you under 21 or who don’t drink, play with soda. or Redbull. That would be funny)

Take a drink each time you:
-someone claims the election was rigged (Lexi)
-someone thinks the outcome is the sign of the apocalypse (Lexi)
-someone brings up china taking over anyway (Lexi)
-someone threatens to move to Canada (Lexi)
-someone says that America has lost all hope
-someone thinks it’s a conspiracy
-someone says they didn’t vote because their vote doesn’t matter
-someone mentions the 2000 Presidential Election (Harry Stymiest Jr.)
-someone repeats what their parents or relatives say without even realizing what it means (Matthew Farra)
-someone who isn’t old enough to vote complains about the election (Craig Scott)
-someone mentions how a third-party candidate would have been a better choice (Kenny Royer)

Please feel free to leave comments of other rules, but keep it bipartisan, and to the game. No posting actual political opinions on this post…

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