More Thoughts on Education

As I’m getting older, and begin thinking of my future, and a wife some day, and eventually, kids…

As I think about having kids, I begin to think about educating them.

And when I think about educating them, I realized that our education system is woefully lacking. For many reasons.

I posted this on Facebook the other day:

The problem with education today is that the system is trying to adapt technology to the old way of teaching, rather than adapting the way of teaching to the technology. Technology has changed a LOT in 60 years, so why are we expecting technology to fit into our 50’s style of teaching? It’s time for an overhaul of the education system.

We need to begin to look at what is out there, and think to ourselves “How can I educate using this?” and not limit ourselves to these rows of desks and chalkboard and 30 kids to a classroom where kids are expected to sit still and absorb information all day. As a kid with ADD, I can tell you, it takes a very rare type teacher for me to be able to learn that way…

As a kid in elementary school, I went to a Montessori school, and it was honestly the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so thankful my mom taught there, which allowed us to be able to go. The whole philosophy of Maria Montessori was “follow the child”. This meant that a child worked at their own pace, and while there were requirements of tasks to finish, there was also room for me to really explore the things that I loved most. If I really liked science, but not english, I could do my required english, but then I could do more than my required science. I wasn’t expected to “keep up with the class” or to “not get ahead” each child worked at their own pace.

It was the best thing ever. I wish I could have continued in that environment through high school. I wonder how much more I could have learned if I had…

Then, yesterday, Shawn Smucker posted this on his blog…

I love the quote he says “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never be creative”. That is so true. The most creative people don’t get it right the first time. Ever. But they aren’t afraid to fail, the fail, they get up, and try again.

It is definitely time for an overhaul of our system. We need to educate around technology, not build technology around old education styles, and we need to allow kids to be creative, encourage them to try, and when they fail (I say “when” because they will) tell them to try again…

2 comments on “More Thoughts on Education

  1. I also thing there is a need for a cultural change with the view of education. A lot of parents assume it is the schools role to education their child, not the families role to educate a child. Also, we assume, and children assume, knowledge should be handed, not fought for and struggled over. True learning takes hard work, but we don\’t want to work for it. I think it is not just about what is happening in the classroom with education, it is about what is happening outside of the classroom too: it is the cultures view of education too.
    I keep wondering how I am going to teach my kids to love learning…

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