God Speaks Through Shuffle

Today’s post is going to be short, since I don’t know that I have a whole lot to say on the subject…

Have you ever found yourself driving in your car, listening to your iPod while it is on shuffle and the perfect song for whatever you are going through comes on?

And then the next five songs are all related and take you on this spiritual journey, and by the end,  you know exactly what God wants for you?

That is because I believe that God is a God who can, and does, do whatever it takes to get our attention, even if it’s manipulating the song list so that all the perfect songs play, just when you need to hear them…

God can speak through seemingly random events, so be on the lookout for his hand in everything!

2 comments on “God Speaks Through Shuffle

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  2. YESSSSSS!!! I hear music in my head at times and know that is God sending me an answer. Sometimes songs appear which I haven’t heard in years (not a frequent radio listener-used to be) or it would be a tune which I couldn’t stand. I am a determined Spirit who seeks out The Universe in EVERYTHING; experience your experiences with awareness and never experience loss/confusion/fear/etc. again!

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