“Your degree of generosity is not measured by how much you give, it is measured by how much you have left over after you give.” – Jay Link

This reminds me of the story when Jesus was talking to his disciples about the woman who only put 2 coins in when everyone else was dropping lots of money. He commended her, for while everyone else was putting so much more than she did, they were only giving their tithe, their 10%, she gave everything she had 100%.

True generosity requires a bit of sacrifice on your part. If it doesn’t really cost you anything, then you’ve not really given anything up. Only when you are giving something up for someone else, when it really costs you something substantial, is it truly generous.

Do you consider yourself a generous person? When you hold yourself to the standard of it’s not about how much you give, but how much you have left, are you still generous? Take a look at that, and challenge yourself on it…

2 comments on “Generosity

  1. I have heard it said: “God lives in the margin of our lives.” If we have nothing left over (money, time, etc) then God is unable to utilize us as He desires.

    • There is a difference between giving everything away frivolously, and giving everything away for God. What Jesus commended the woman on was that she gave everything she had to God, if she had given it all to buy like a stripper or something, he would have had a very different thing to say, but she gave it all to God, and that is what I mean here. I don’t mean you have to give it to the church, but are you giving it as a form of ministry? (buying someone lunch who can’t afford it, giving your old vehicle away to someone who needs it for a job instead of trading it in, giving the time you could sitting at home relaxing someplace you are volunteering and helping others, etc?)

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