Introducing: FlyTraffic Media

After a lot of deliberation, and hard work, I am pleased to announce to you the launch of FlyTraffic Media! Here is the blurb about FlyTraffic Media from the website:

The first major project of FlyTraffic will be the documentary film “Further Along The Road”, a documentary made in conjunction with 2 of Joel’s best friends, Cameron & Tyler, about the 6 month trip Cameron & Tyler took across the country, in desperation to find themselves and God.

The goal of FlyTraffic Media is to help people share their hearts, passions, and callings with others, in an effort to connect people to each other, because when we understand people in detail, when we understand where someone is coming from, we can truly connect with them.

This can, and will, be done in a variety of ways, maybe its photographs for a special event, or photos for someone else’s project, or maybe it’s helping someone record some music, or helping to make a video or website! Whatever it is, FlyTraffic wants to partner with people to help them grow and share their passions!

That being said, not all projects are going to be “religious” or have a deeper meaning to them, many of them probably will just be fun things, because you know what? Fun is a part of human nature, and if we never show the fun side of ourselves, then you never get to know the whole person.

I have uploaded some past projects of mine, or ones that I have worked on, so people can see what I have done in the past and what I could be doing in the future…

I am also pleased to announce  that the trailer for the Further Along The Road documentary will be ready to launch soon! It just awaits final approval from Cameron & Tyler, so be sure to stay tuned for more info on that!

Thanks for all your support as I began to work on this stuff, for your help in coming up with and picking a name, and everything else you guys have done to support me. I think I’m really going to like where this will take me! 🙂

Please check out my website here

And find FlyTraffic on Facebook!

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