Music, The Great Connector

Music is so incredibly important and incredibly powerful that it has this ability to connect us. It can connect us to people, and it can connect us to God. Music has a way of digging deep into our souls & connecting us with the God who created us.

When God made us, he made us as both physical and spiritual beings. I believe that is what the bible meant when it said that we were made in God’s image. The reason we were made to be spiritual beings is so we would have the ability and the desire to connect communicate with God, which translates to connecting to others as well, and I believe the language of heaven is music.

I don’t know the scripture references for it, but I’ve heard that in the bible, it says that before he fell, Lucifer was the most powerful angel in heaven, and his job was music. Think about that, the most powerful/important job in heaven is music.

Music is so important, and it has this ability to connect us in a way that words cannot. It moves us to tears, fills us with joy, communicates our feelings.

One of the best people at this is Cameron Hall, a young man I am proud to call my best friend. He has an amazing heart for people, and an even bigger heart for worship and connecting people to God. If you’ve never seen him lead worship, you are missing out, God has anointed him with an amazing gift to usher in God’s presence and connect you to Him.

He has one song posted on his NoiseTrade account, which you can find here, and you can like his page on Facebook.

Cameron is hoping to go to New Life School of Worship this fall, to better his abilities with music, in an effort to better connect people to God, if he can find a way to come up with $9,000. He isn’t sure how he is going to do it, but he is trusting that if Colorado is where God wants him, then God will work out the money issue. I honestly can’t wait to see where God takes him, I know that through him, God will do great things.

Another person who has a way to connect through their music is Dylan James. He once told me that he thinks God has called him to take his music and to bring morals back to the secular music industry. But in his own words “the most complicating part about bringing morals and value back to music is the fact that our generation has become so accustomed to negativing and music that glorifies the body.”

His biggest struggle is to write wholesome music that everyone can relate to, and yet at the same time, continue to stay himself in an industry that is ever-changing, and I think I can speak for him when I say that any prayers you can offer to the Big Man Upstairs would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anyone who can do it, I believe it his him. You can find all of his albums and connect with him musically, here.

I hope that you can really connect with both of these young men, and support their dreams. I truly believe they can literally change the world with their music.

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