Points of View & Opinions

Today’s post isn’t going to be very long I think, I want to pose a question to you:

Why do we always assume the worst?

When we see someone say something, or do something, why do we always assume they have the worst or they have bad intentions at heart? Have we become so cynical that in everything we see, we assume the worst? Do we really think that no one has honest and true motives anymore?

This is hitting home for me right now, as people are seeing stuff I am doing and assuming I have ulterior motives behind it, or I have the worst intentions behind it… And to top it all off, they don’t ask me or come talk to me about it, they go talking to other people behind my back about it…

For example, I have quite a few friends who are gay, so gay rights is something that is very dear to me. I am not gay. But because I am passionate about gay rights, and I post things on Facebook about gay rights, people assume I am gay, or secretly gay, or something like that. And the fact that I am being responsible and respectable by not dating because I am not in place where I am ready to date probably just fuels that fire even more…

So please, not just with me, but with anyone, don’t assume the worst, assume the best, and if you have questions, PLEASE go and talk to that person directly, don’t go talking about it behind their back…

One comment on “Points of View & Opinions

  1. My question is “So what”? Why are people gossipping about who is or might be gay? What difference would it make if that person is gay? Many say they are not prejudice against gay people, yet their need to gossip about it would indicate otherwise…

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