Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and on Saturday, I was kinda bummed cuz I didn’t have plans to do anything and I didn’t know what to do… Most of my best friends were gone, and some other friends were having a Volleyball day, but I couldn’t afford the gas to drive down to visit… So I was bummed to have nothing to do for Memorial Day.

Then I woke up Sunday morning, and saw someone had posted this on Facebook…

it really makes you think about how we celebrate… We say “thanks for the sacrifice” but are we really thankful? Has our thankfulness for their sacrifice changed us?

When you are truly thankful for something, you don’t just say “thanks” and then have a BBQ with your friends… No, you say “thanks” and then you begin to find ways to either return the favor or to pass the favor on to someone… But that’s not what we do. We give great lip service to our men and women who have given it all, but do we try to actually serve them? And what about the other 364 days of the year?

I am just as guilty of this as much as anyone else, and this is a challenge to me too… I spent the day watching Band of Brothers. I think it might have been better than just doing nothing to remember the troops, but I wonder if there is/was more I could do… Honestly, I don’t know… I don’t have a nice little bow to wrap this up with, or some “solution” that will revolutionize the way we celebrate Memorial Day or anything like that, I just have a lot of questions and things to ponder…

So my question is, are you truly thankful? If so, what are you doing about it? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section!

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