Out of the Ordinary

This past sunday I had the pleasure of working with Trevor Heinrich of Life’s Resonance on a music video for one of their songs… (and getting a crazy farmers tan while I was at it)

Lets just say, it wasn’t your typical day…

We were in Ocean Grove, New Jersey to film. And Trevor was wearing a suit. Let me tell you, you wear a suit on the beach, you get a lot of funny looks. People don’t know how to take you. Add to it a guy following you around with a camera, and you are the oddest thing anyone will see that day (and that’s including that old guy wearing a speedo that everyone except him knows he really shouldn’t be wearing)

Then, some of the things we had Trevor doing while we filmed would also attract a lot of attention. I can’t say much more without ruining the video, but lets just say that we had an audience… (don’t worry, I’ll post a link to it on here once it’s done).

And yet, while it was odd, weird, and confusing, people were interested, they were attracted to where we were filming, they would slow down walking, linger a second longer, whisper to their friends (one person even thought he was a missionary…) things that were barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it. There was something intriguing about a  young man in a suit on the beach that made people want to know more. It was interesting to watch…

But it got me thinking.

As a Christian, Christ has called us to set apart, to be different. Yet so many of us blend in. Had we been walking in a bathing suit and carrying a camera, a few people might have noticed, but most wouldn’t have thought twice. But the minute Trevor put on that business suit, something caught people’s eye, made them want to know more. He didn’t have to say anything to them, they were just instantly curious. And everyone we talked to was because they approached US, not us approaching them…

The way we live our lives as Christians should be the same way. Sure, we can blend in, and the only difference between us and the world is the “camera” (metaphor for Christ) that we carry, and a few people will be interested, but it’s not going to be anything to make people want to stop and talk to you. But if you stand out, if you put on the suit, if something about your life is different, like the way you treat people, you take time to love those who seem unlovable, you accept everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, people will stop. They will ask what you are doing, why you are doing something, and wonder what is different about you, and they will want to know more.

So, to take the words of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and make them spiritual, “SUIT UP! It’s going to be legen-….. wait for it…….. -dary.”

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