Business and Time

It’s amazing how quickly you can find your life filling up. One day, you have nothing going on, you have all the time in the world to play a game, hang out with people, etc. And the next, you find yourself struggling to hang out in a non-work related way just once a week.

That has been my life for the past few weeks. Yes, they are good things I’m doing (work is good, editing a secret video is good, ministry and mentoring is good) but it does fill up your life pretty quickly. I have a few friends who I haven’t hung out with at all in over 3 weeks, and ones who I haven’t hung out with just to hang out in a few weeks, because when I see them, we are working on projects or something like that…

For anyone who knows me will know this is huge, but I have been so busy that I didn’t even know my favorite free game was broken until they posted something on twitter that it was fixed! Over a week it was broken and I never knew…

I love what I’m doing that is making me so busy, but I can’t wait for the busyness to pass so I can return to normal, I can actually take a break, I can actually relax and go hang out with friends just to hang out! It may be a couple more weeks before that happens, but I’m not taking on any more projects than what I’ve already got.

Your prayers and support would be greatly appreciated during this time 🙂

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