Ruined by Majesty

I’m falling at Your feet
Ruined by Your majesty

~ “Falling At Your Feet” by Among Thorns

This song is one I used to listen to all the time and have recently “rediscovered”, in fact, I blogged about it very early on, it was one of my first posts. But today, I want to revisit it.

This idea of being “Ruined by Your majesty”. What does that mean? And why does this fill us with such joy? Why does this make us want to press into God more?

To be honest, I can’t answer for everyone, just me. To me, when I stand in the presence of God, see all his goodness and all my not goodness, it breaks me apart. I strive so hard to be good, to do the right thing, but when I look at God, I realize that I can’t do it. I can never be as good as I need to, I can never earn God’s love.

And that is oddly freeing.

Where some might realize that and be crushed and stop trying, it is a freeing thing for me. So much stress in my life comes from trying to “be good” from trying to earn it. But as I realize that I can’t earn it, there is no longer any pressure to try and earn it. What a freeing thought! You don’t have to try and earn it. No more stress, no more self-loathing when you fail, no more.

Instead I now strive to do good out of appreciation. I do good things to show the love that I have been given. I do good things to “pay it forward” (which, by the way, is a great movie, if you’ve never seen it, watch it).

If I can never do anything to earn God’s love, and He gives it freely, then why should I be selfish and hold onto it? I can give that love away to someone else, and God will just give twice as much as I give away! Oh, what a glorious thought! The more love you give away, the more love you get back!

So that is my challenge to you, go and Love people, not to earn God’s love, but because He just when you think you have nothing left to give, He will give you more. And that, is something worth celebrating!

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