Seeking Counsel

As I have been talking to people recently about counselors, and all that, I got to thinking, what is a counselor exactly?  We think of them as therapists, and someone who we go and see when we have a mental problem, or when we are in debt, we see financial counselors, and problems in marriage, we see marriage counselors.  And with all this, we get the notion that we have to have some degree to be a counselor, but this is not true.  When you look up the word “counselor” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first definition they give is this: “a person who gives advice or counseling.”  See, a counselor is just someone who gives advice.  So many times, we have a counselor, and don’t even realize it.  This person is someone who, when you get in a fight with your girlfriend or you mess up with them and now she is mad at you, or vice versa, you look to them to talk it out.  This is the person who, when you lose a friend or someone close to you, they are there to comfort you and remain there for you as long as you need them.  This is the person who is there for you every step of the way, who says: “no matter what happens, I am there for you.”  They do things to help you without thinking “What is in it for me?”  All they want to do is help.  If you don’t have a counselor, let me encourage you to find one, find someone whom you trust to do what is best for you.

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