Milestones & Documentation

We all have major events in our lives. Milestones. Turning points.Call them what you will, but we all have them. These are major events in our lives, high points or low points.

But you have to mark them. That is literally what the word “milestone” references to, a stone that marked a mile.

I hit some milestone recently…

On Tuesday I had both my busiest day on my blog & I broke 100 views (103 to be exact). This is really exciting for me since I never set out to have a ton of people read my stuff, I set out to write because, if I didn’t, my head would explode and I’d have a meltdown, like I did on January 1st. I never thought I would break 50 views on a single post in one day, and here I’ve broken 79 on one post, and 103 overall views in a day!

So I mark it. I set it as a milestone. A reminder of how far I’ve come.

I know I talk about them a lot, but I am incredibly proud of them, 3 of my friends are on this trip across the country. While they are traveling, they are making a documentary. See, this trip is a HUGE milestone for them. It marks the end of high school, and a changing point in their life. So they are documenting it, and when they return, we’ll begin creating a summary of their trip, showing what they did, how they’ve changed, and set it as milestone in their life.

But there is a danger with milestones…

They can become anchors.

If we are not careful, we end up standing around these milestones saying “look at how far I’ve come” but never moving forward. Milestones are to document how far you’ve come, but also to create a reference point for the future to show how much further you’ve gone… 5 years from now, if I’m still sitting here bragging about my 100 views, there is a problem…

We need to create milestones, document our achievements, but we cannot let those milestones become a ball and chain around our ankle, keeping us in place.

That is one of the things that I love about the guys on their trip. They already have plans for after their trip. They know where they are going after it’s done. Yes, it’s a milestone, and they will take time to bask in the glory of reaching their milestone, but they already are planning on not letting it be their anchor before they even reach it.

What about you? Do you document your milestones? Are they markers or have you allowed it to become your anchor?

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