God Doesn’t Want To Answer Your Prayers

I believe that sometimes, God doesn’t want to answer your prayers. (and when I say “answer” I mean give us what we ask for)

That’s a bold statement, I get that, but just bear with me, I think by the end you’ll see what I mean by this…

We spend so much time asking God for things. We ask him for money, for miracles, for friends, for family, and everything else we can think of. And many times, these things are good things, healthy things, things that he should answer for us.

But sometimes he doesn’t want to answer. Even the good ones.


Because God does not want to give you what is good, He wants to give you what is best.

If you ask God for this girl you’re dating to become your wife, it might be a good thing that you two have. She is Godly, moral, brilliant, beautiful, and funny. She is good for you. So you ask God to let her become your wife. But then things go south and you two break up. You begin to ask God why things didn’t work out, when it was so good.

Because God doesn’t want what’s good for you, He wants what’s best for you.

So if you find yourself in life with a door closed, a good door that you thought you should walk through. Don’t be discouraged. Often times a ‘yes’ to the best means a ‘no’ to the good.


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