Simple Things

Last night found me at the home I spent almost a year and a half in when I was in Master’s Commission. It was a time to relax, enjoy each others company, oh, and do some work for Rodney…

The issue was about printing over a network. His printer wouldn’t show up on the network, he couldn’t get anything to see it, and it was frustrating him. So after dinner, while they went to watch survivor, I went into his office to try and fix it. I went in armed with knowledge of 2 Apple classes (Lion 101 & Lion 201) and the confidence of an Apple Certified Support Professional…

I think that was my mistake.

I spent the next hour using all of that knowledge, pinging the IP, checking the gateway and subnet mask settings, even delving into DNS settings on the printer. To no avail. The solution?

The network cable was unplugged from the router.

I had checked the cable on the printer several times, but never checked it on the router end…

An hour. To fix a problem that, honestly, should have been my first check…

My point is this: never make yourself too smart for your own good. Knowledge is good, and it is good to make yourself smarter. but don’t forget to look at the little things.

Start simple.

And don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

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