The Problem With Education

Can someone PLEASE explain to me the logic behind cutting the education budget? How does making the younger generations dumber actually solve any of our nations problems? Stupidity doesn’t create jobs. Ignorance doesn’t increase civil rights.

I understand that there is a budget that needs to be balanced. I understand that there are other very important issues out there that need funding. But how can we expect those issues to get better if we don’t educate the upcoming generations? What if we had cut our budgets on education prior to the moon landing? Would we have still been able to go? How does cutting the education budget create jobs? By cutting the education budget all we do is make things worse for us down the road…

I posted this question on my Facebook, and had a lot of really good comments, both pro-education funding, and those who are for cutting federal funding. The one really good point they made was that funding should come from a more local level (state or county) instead of federal. And I get that, sorta… I do believe the maybe any increase in budget should come from a state or local level, but I do believe that education is nationwide issue, and so it should be partially funded as such…

Regardless of your political party, education should not be decreased. If anything, it needs to be continually increased! In fact, this year, with our elections, I’m thinking that I’m going to take a stand for education (and please feel free to join me on this). Any politician that has voted to reduce the education budget WILL NOT get my vote. If that means that I have to write in someone for every office, so be it. But I cannot stand behind someone who thinks that cutting education is a good idea, especially in the irresponsible way that it has been done!

2 comments on “The Problem With Education

  1. Obama tuoted the life-changing significance of school choice while growing up in Hawaii. Unfortunately for America s school children, Obama has done little to help. Actually, he helped remove school choice in Washington, DC right after he was sworn in.

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