About The Author – My Calling

Last week I talked about my passion, and today  I want to talk about my calling…

If you read the previous post, then most of this shouldn’t really shock you.

My passion is to mentor youth. To help grow, shape, and mold them in the men that God wants them to be. (Side note, I say men and not women because as a single guy in his mid-low 20’s, it would be extremely inappropriate for me to mentor young women)

I love to travel. (This may seem like a bunny trail, but I promise, it’ll all make sense, just keep reading.)

I think this comes from the way I grew up. You see, as a kid, my mom was a teacher & had summers off, and my dad was always blessed with a lot of vacation days (I think he’s up to like 4-5 weeks of vacation time now!) so our family would take big, cross-country style trips during the summer. I’ve been to ALMOST every state in the lower 48, and Alaska. I have lots of fond memories with my family driving across the country, seeing the national landmarks, cool places, and those hidden treasures. I see my best friends going off and traveling the country & my heart LEAPS to go with them.

But that is not my calling.

A little history: I grew up just 30 minutes from here in a little town called Landenberg, and while it’s only 30 minutes away, it might as well be a whole ‘nother world. I then spent 9 months in Gettysburg in a program called Gettysburg Master’s Commission. From there, I was asked to stay there for a second year, and I was also asked to come out to Gap to help start University Master’s Commission. I was torn. I felt like I hadn’t heard from God as to where to go, so my philosophy was “stay where I last heard God tell me to go, and that was Gettysburg”. So the morning I had to make a decision, I drove in, planning on announcing my plan to stay in Gettysburg, I felt God finally speak to me. He told me “go to Gap”. “no” I said, “I’ve already made a decision”. Again, “go to Gap”. The rest of the drive in, He kept prodding me. By the time I arrived, I had peace about leaving Gettysburg.

I didn’t end up here in Gap by my own choice. Honestly, at the time, I would have rather stayed in Gettysburg. I had friends, people’s whose lives I had invested in, and people I was comfortable with. But God called me to up and leave and come here. So, here I am. This is where God has called me to do His work.

Who knows if/when God will call me somewhere else, but I know that when He does, I’ll get up and move, with tears & sadness at leaving people I care about behind, but where He moves, I move.

Because of my calling, I am a very busy person, and this is part of why I’m choosing not to date. Not because I’m not interested in women, or don’t want to date or anything like that, but honestly, I don’t have time. If I were to begin dating, I wouldn’t have time to continue living out my passion and my calling. I am excited for the day when I can partner with a Godly woman in pursuing the path God puts before us, but right now, a romantic relationship would just hinder me in living out my calling. So I choose to be single, choose not to pursue a woman, and to spend most of my time with my friends and those who I’m investing in.

I hope this clears the air on why I’m here in Gap, and why I’m not dating and those other things that are related to my calling.


 If you want to read the rest of this series, click here. The order is Introduction, My Passion, My Calling (this post), and My Method.

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