On Protests and Action

Yesterday, the largest internet protest in history took place. Companies like Google, Wikipedia, Reddit all took part in this protest, along with many smaller websites (including mine). The protest was against SOPA & PIPA. (more info here)

I also posted (or rather, set up hootsuite to post) every hour with links to information and action steps to help inform people. It was an effective protest I think. A lot of people were informed. I’m pretty sure a lot people took steps to do something.

But it got me thinking…

What about the other issues out there? Why don’t we get fired up about them? Yesterday my cousin posted this on her Facebook page:

I do think censorship is bad, however, I also think the entertainment industry does have a valid concern over the piracy problems. I also wish people would get this fired up and organized about something that is as equally as important, if not more so, than censorship and that is changing America’s education system… after all, it’s only our future at stake.

She has a point. I said yesterday that the only way we will defeat SOPA & PIPA is through education. But education on this specific thing would be less important if we were all educated better in general. If our congressmen, senators, and president were better educated in general.

Education is something she is passionate about, and I love that about her. As someone who loves to teach people new things, who finds joy in watching someone finally understand a concept, I understand her frustration and can sympathize with it.

I’ve heard statements like hers from other people about a great many things. People often ask “Why isn’t someone doing ______” or “Someone really should do _______” and they say it, hoping that someone will do something about the issue they are talking about.

My question to them is always “why not you?”

Because if you’re not passionate enough about it to do something yourself, then don’t try to make someone else solve ________ for you…

What are you passionate about? What do you want to see changed? What fires you up? Stop standing around and saying that “someone” needs to do something and instead, start doing something…

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