It Resets Tonight

Like fresh plates and clean slates
Our future is white
New Years resolutions are reset tonight
~ “Snow” by Sleeping At Last

Well, I know today isn’t a Tuesday or a Thursday, but it’s New Years Eve, and  I felt like this one deserved to be released on New Years Eve, but for the sake of allowing you to return to your festivities, I’ll keep it short…

We are coming upon a new year. There is something almost magical about new things… Something fresh, something special. As we are beginning upon a new year, you get to begin fresh. You get to start over again. Last year was last year, this year is new. The mistakes you’ve made are in the past, and you’ll make new ones in the future, but tonight, you get to start fresh. You can make this year whatever you want. Make a difference, tell someone you love them, take a risk, do something crazy, but make this year memorable!

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