Finishing Projects

Have you ever had something you have been working on but, for whatever reason, you couldn’t finish? Welcome to the last year and a 3 months of my life…

1 year and 3 months ago, my laptop died, leaving me with sooo many unfinished projects. For a while, it would bother me. I would dream of getting new computer, and the first thing I’d do would be to finish all those unfinished projects… Then as I got used to having to explain why I couldn’t finish a project, it slowly stopped bothering me.

You see, it became something I was used to, I’ve had my laptop for just over a week now, and I just finally got out my hard drive so I could finish those projects… But more disturbingly, this attitude of being ok with leaving things unfinished pervaded my life. It became easier to leave other stuff unfinished, or to only do it half-assed, because I “didn’t have the tools I needed.” It became a crutch, an excuse for me to be lazy about things.

That discipline to do things on time, in a timely fashion, and to the best of my ability, is one of my reasons for blogging, and now, I no more excuses, I have a laptop (an awesome one at that) and all the tools I need to finish the projects. I hope that the desire to not leave things unfinished returns faster than it left… And if there was a project I was working on for you that I never finished, please let me know, I’m working through all of them, but I may have forgotten or accidentally skip some of them, and I want to make sure I get it all taken care of, so please let me know!

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