The most important aspect of any relationship is being open with each other. Whether it’s dating, friends, family, spouses, anyone. The relationship will only survive if you are open about things with that person. Keeping feelings (good or bad) inside and not sharing them is the quickest way to guarantee that your relationship will fall apart.

Now, with the hard things to say, the things about them that annoy you, or drive you nuts, you need to be careful about. There is a time and a place for that, and it should be said in love, from the standpoint of helping that person grow, not condemning them for their actions.

In so many areas, I am re-learning this lesson, both in the caring about others and making sure they know it, the tough conversations, feeling loved, and people having the tough convo’s with me… So please, be open with those around you, don’t leave them wondering about what you think and whether or not you care about them…

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