Doubt Your Doubts

“Grow, grow where you are
Anchor your roots underneath
Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs”
~ “Ode To Chin” by Switchfoot

What an interesting line that last one is. “doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs”. What does this mean? It seems ridiculous & confusing & yet obvious at the same time. (or maybe that’s just me, lol)

Doubt your doubts. I think that means if you have questions about something, if you aren’t sure about it, take the time to check it out and see what is really going on. Keep an open mind. Maybe it’s a person, or a situation, or your faith. Doubt your doubts, question them, check them out.

Believe your beliefs. While you should question your doubts, you need to make sure you know what stand for. And what you believe, make sure you really do stand up for it. Anchor your roots there, take a stand, make it something you fight for.

You can grow in your beliefs, your faith in something doesn’t stay the same. Anchor yourself to your beliefs, but be willing to grow in them.

Doubt your doubts, and believe your beliefs

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