Reality Is A Lovely Place

“Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn’t want to live there.”
~ “The Real World” by Owl City

I have been thinking about this quote a lot recently. What does this mean? Do I agree with it? Is this a good outlook to have on life? But in the end, I came to the conclusion that I agree with this quote.

It’s not telling us to ignore reality, or to hid from reality, but to me it says that while you have to admit that reality is there, you dream and wish for something better.

It’s this idea that we all need to dream of a better world, a different world. Have our head in the clouds but our feet on the ground. It is this philosophy that drives us to create a better world. It is this philosophy that has made some our greatest heroes do what they did. Sure, the way things were might have been fine, but they weren’t content with fine. They wanted to bring the group up to the sky. They are dreamers

This not only applies to society around us, but to our selves. There has to be this healthy balance of loving yourself for who you are, and a desire to make yourself better. Who I am in reality is lovely, but I don’t wanna live this way, I want to be better, so we strive to better ourselves.

People like dreamers. In fact, if you look at anyone who has ever changed the world, good or bad, they were dreamers, they had a dream of a different world, that for some reason or another, they thought was better. Dreamers are our heroes, the ones we admire.

“My hero she’s the last real dreamer I know
And I can tell you all about her”
~ Mayday Parade

What about you? What are you looking at saying “this is a lovely place, but I don’t want to live here”? What are you dreaming that could be different?

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