Something Refreshing

“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”
~ Charles Wesley

It was Saturday night. I was working the front desk, and there were these two (I’ll say kids, but idk how old they actually were, at least 20?) kids who had hiked all the way to oregon and back and had stopped in at the cafe for a rest, and then later on, Anne was going to take them to the train station.

Back to last night. Anne comes in and was thanking me for helping when she called about train schedules and stuff, and mentioned that she found out that they had become Christians just a few days before that.

That got me thinking how awesome it is to see people who are embracing something for the first time. There is this passion, this awe, this fire that many people lose over time.

Flashback to a few years ago. I was talking to a friend who was a new Christian, and we were talking about prayer. And I remember he said to me “Joel, there is one thing I pray for every morning, and it’s this: God, if you have to knock me off my high horse onto my ass, then please do it!”

That’s what I’m talking about. There is realness to that. It’s not in some churchy, christianese, language of “God, make me as humble thanst thou wouldst havest me be” (ok, I’m exagerating, but you get the drift….) There is this raw, realness to his prayer that always stuck with me, and that day, I added that, word for word, to my morning prayer, as a reminder to not let myself feel too holy.

So as I sit here writing I find myself questioning the “freshness” of my walk with God. Is it something fresh, new, raw, real, and refreshing to those around me, drawing them in to God and how great he is? or is it stale with this “holier than thou” attitude that makes people want nothing to do with God?

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