The Promptings of God


Have you ever had one of those moments? For some inexplicable reason, you see someone whom you’ve never met or even seen before across the room and God just whispers, “that one”. And you know that He wants you to connect with that person?

I’m ashamed to admit that this happens to me more than I’d like to admit, because I don’t follow through most of the time. I find some excuse to not. This happened to me fairly recently…

*insert cool flashback transition like in the movies here. When transition ends, have that classic flashback hazy white edges*

The date is Sept 11, 2011. Time: just a little before 5PM. Location: GCC Volunteer Training.

I walk in, and I have one of those moments with a young man across the room. I see him, and God is like “that one, talk to him”. But I quickly dismiss it. I tell myself that it wasn’t God, it was just me noticing him because it was the volunteer training so I was assuming I would recognize everyone here, and here is a guy I don’t recognize at all. I pushed the feeling aside, and even intentionally avoided talking to him.

The training goes on. I’m showing the people who are going to be helping open and close the building on Sunday mornings what they have to do, and yet, the whole time, there is this whisper from God, “go talk to him”. But again, I pushed it aside, this time with the excuse “I don’t know where he is, all the groups have split up and I don’t know which group he went with and I’m not gonna hunt him down, that would be weird.”

After walking through the building procedure, I got to meet with the youth leaders to get them started with some Planning Center training. I walk in to where they are meeting, and lo and behold, there he sits! (quick background for you guys who may have started reading recently, youth ministry is something of a passion of mine, I don’t serve as a youth leader anymore, you can read that story here, but I do still meet and talk with youth on a regular basis). So I’m sitting there talking to the youth leaders, and this time God’s like “what’s your excuse this time?”.

I didn’t have one. I’m ashamed to admit this time, I just straight up ignored God. I walked away. I was scared that it would seem weird or creepy or something.

But all night God just kept prompting me. Even when I got home. So finally, I hopped on Facebook, found him, and shot him a message, letting him know that I had just recently stepped down from about 5 years of youth ministry, and that it was still a passion of mine, so if he ever wanted to talk, I was here.

*Flashback to present day*

We had a series of like 3 word conversations, but now he and I are in the process of making plans for lunch. I don’t know why God put him on my heart, but because he has I’m really excited for the opportunity to get to know him. I figure, if God prompted me this much on something, then there must be something awesome that’s gonna come out of this, either for me or for him, and definitely for God!

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