These are my Souvenirs


Here’s to the twilight
here’s to the memories
these are my souvenirs
~”Souvenirs” by Switchfoot

When you look around my room, you will find an assortment of so many random things. (seriously, ask my roommates, they’ll tell you). There’s a teddy bear, there’s poster with burnt paper, a jar of oil, an old style bullet, a can that had the side ripped open, a key, a pin to a grenade, a ship, some rocks, and I could go on and on.

Why do I have them? What is their purpose? to many people, these items are probably just a random collection of junk. But to me, every item is a memory, and more important than just a memory, it’s a memory of a person, and a life changed. Some are memories from my own life, a memory of a version of me in the past (some good, some bad). And some are memories of someone else’s life that I had the awesome chance to get to watch (and if I was really lucky, God let me play this little tiny part in).

So many times, I didn’t realize how much that thing was a connection to that part until I look back at it later in life and these memories come flooding back. I have this railroad spike sitting on top of one of my shelves. That came from a day a little over a year ago, me and 3 friends decided to go spelunking, got lost, ended up going swimming in the Susquehanna River, and had to hike probably 4+ miles to get back to our car. On our hike back, we found all this old railroad stuff, and we decided to each take a spike as a memory of this adventure. I look at that railroad spike, and yeah, I remember the adventure we had, but I also remember the friendship that the adventure helped us forge. You see, I’ve never told anyone this before, but it was on that trip that two of my “very good friends” really became “two of my best friends”. My life changed that day. And that railroad tie is a reminder of that.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything
my souvenirs.

What about you? What are some of your souvenirs? What are they reminders of?

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