And A Journey Begins

Tomorrow begins Cameron & Tyler’s journey! I have been so blessed to have these two guys as awesome friends, and I have been blessed to be a part of the planning for their trip! If I didn’t love what I was doing right now, I would be wishing I could go with them…

So today, in honor of them, and their trip, I want to take a minute to brag on them individually…

Tyler… I thank God for our friendship. For those talks at night, for those times when I needed to talk, or you did, and we’d sit with ‘gar and talk about life, love and the meaning of the universe. (ok, now I’m making us sound like potheads, lol)

Thanks for always being there for me, for caring about me, for hanging out with me, and for putting up with all the weird idiosyncrasies that is me.

I am so excited by this chance that God has given you to go and travel the country, play music, and do what you really love. I know that this time is going to be awesome and huge for you and I can’t wait to see and hear what you come back with.

Cameron… I remember when we first met over 4 years ago when Master’s came to visit GCC and you and I talked about my Macbook. I met and talked to a lot of people that day about a lot of things, and for some reason that I can’t explain, I remember talking to you. And we can joke that it’s because we talked about Mac’s, but I don’t think that was it. There was just a connection that I can’t explain.

Then to watch you grow from that kid I met then into the young man you are now has been so cool. You are one of the few who has seen me at my absolute worst. And despite seeing me then, you still want to be friends with me. And that means the world to me. You are always honest and straight forward with me, and you’ve always been a wise kid for you age. You astound me with your wisdom in situations.

I am proud to call you a friend, and a brother…

To both of you… I think about you guys leaving for this trip, and it makes this swirl of emotions and feelings rise up inside of me. Excitement for you guys and your growth, sadness at the thought that you won’t be around, and sadness at the leaving of 2 of my best friends.

I know that God has brought you into my life for a reason, and I’m thankful that he has.

I want to leave you with the lyrics of one of my favorite songs by The High Kings titled, “The Parting Glass”:

So fill to me the parting glass
And drink a health whate’er befalls
And gently rise and softly call
Good night and joy be to you all

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