Rap and other odd things

Well, since my tag line says “Some of the many random thoughts that run through my head”, and since a lot of my posts recently have been fairly depressing, I though I’d share something fun and light…
So there I was, Friday night, at the front desk where I work. I was done all the work that I could do there (everything I needed to do I needed to do in my office). It was a slow night, so I got a little… bored…
That got me thinking, (and let me telll you there is nothing scarrier…) And I’m thinking of becoming a gramatically and phonetically correct rapper…
Yeah… I said phonetically correct… Doubt me? check out this piece of pure rap gold…
Hello my friends
How are you
I am going to the dance club
I hope you are too

I’m going to talk to the ladies
Try and get them to like me
I will buy them drinks
But maybe they will fight me

I rhyme like Hades
I set things on fire
I tell all the ladies
I am your desire

I cannot see why they would reject me
Since I just want to buy them a drink
But if they did, their recjection would wreck me
And into a pit of despair I would sink.

I think that it is time that I go
Because this day, it is almost ending
One thing I certainly do know
This rap to you I am sending

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