Well, as some of you may know, I got jury summons in the mail a few weeks ago. That means that I have to drive to West Chester and sit on a panel to possibly be selected for jury duty.

I had mixed feelings when I got my summons.

I thought the idea of sitting on a jury would be cool, and a cool experience, but at the same time, it came at the worst possible time, I was already a day off of work for Labor Day, and then I have to sit at the front desk on Friday and Saturday, so I can’t do a lot of the work I need to do those days.

But on the other hand, and an American Citizen, I wanted to do my duty and do it gladly.

Then last night, I went and called the number I have to call the day before for instructions. and this voice came on “Jurors with panel numbers 1 to and including 87 need to report at 9am”.

Not me. I’m number 462 or something.

Then I got mixed feelings again. It was nice to think that I’d have my day free to do what I want, but on the other hand, I wasn’t going to go and possibly be on a jury…

I still have to call tonight and find out about tomorrow, and part of me does hope that I have to go… We’ll see…

By Joel Cornett Posted in Life

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