The Most Creative Place

When you think of creativity, what is your first thought?

Maybe an art school? Hollywood? Rolling in paint then rolling on canvas and calling it art? My guess is you probably DON’T think of Church.

Why not?

I could give  you a list of reason why you don’t, mostly revolving around times that the church has tried to suppress creative expression. But my question isn’t so much of “why don’t you think of church as creative” but more of “why isn’t church the most creative place on earth?”

I mean, we worship the God who created EVERYTHING. All those things that inspire artists, God made it. Those breathtaking sunsets, those awe inspiring lighting bolts, the majestic view from the top of a mountain, God made it.

So why do we try so hard in church to put creativity down? Why do we put more focus on logic? I don’t know about you, but when I read the bible, I don’t read stories of a logical God. I read the stories of a God who is creative in how he does things. Never the same way twice.

And yet, for some reason I can’t explain, the church doesn’t seem to care about creativity. They like logic, and order, and systems. We did it this way once, lets do it this way again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Jesus never took that philosophy. He healed like 3 blind people in the gospel (I don’t really remember how many, I’m estimating). The first time, He spit, made mud, rubbed on the guys eyes, and he was healed. That worked. If He took the church’s philosophy, He would have just done it again. But nope, the next time He just spit in the guys eyes (gross, I know) and he was healed. The church would look at that and say “obviously, we have to put saliva on the eyes, doesn’t have to be with mud, but must always be spit”. False. The next time, Jesus just tells the guy he is healed! Never the same way twice.

So lets be more creative. Take your art, your skill, your creativity, break free of the systems and the logic, and standard way of doing things, and lets make church the most creative place on earth, because we serve & worship the God who created EVERYTHING!

4 comments on “The Most Creative Place

  1. This is one of the best posts I have ever read!!! I love our church, but it really hit home for me. Mostly because I want to start a church that reaches out to people in artistic, creative, and down to earth ways someday. But it just made sence 🙂 props!

  2. At intervarsity we tried to work creativity into worship. Maybe even just having a big role of paper in the back that people can go creative pray on with colors during worship…

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