Dry Bones

Above is a song. I would encourage you to either listen to it before reading, or at least let it play while you read this, most of this post is going to be based off of that song…

I guess you could say this is a guest post by Cody Hall, because as I was reading his notes for his sermon last week, I thought “This is a GREAT blog post” so I asked his permission, copied and pasted his notes, and then just added my own thoughts to it, so like 95% of this is actually Cody’s… (you can find the whole sermon here)

This song is about God’s ability to restore and redeem and to takes us back to that state that many of us have given up on.

Today, many feel stranded in a desert of hopelessness and emptiness. This song refers to a man named Ezekiel. (You can find the story in Ezekiel 37.) God showed Ezekiel through a vision this vast valley of dry bones, which symbolized the nation of Israel who was in captivity. The people had lost hope and had given up on ever being a free nation again. They were in a tragic desperation, but God planned a spiritual miracle to demonstrate His power over any circumstance.

Ezekiel watched God supernaturally restore a valley of dry bones into an army of living human beings…

In their day of despair, God focused their spiritual eyes on a brighter tomorrow when their relationship with Him would be better than ever.

The God who made dry bones lives again is all-sufficient for our every need.

When our disobedience and lack of belief distances us from God, when our circumstances seem to blot out the light and take our very breath, when addiction rules, or our relationships crumble, our lives can become like dry bones.

Yet these bones can thrive again. Once dry bones can be restored and we can have hope and we can have life once more.

What in your life is causing you to become dry? God can restore those dry bones back to life, all you have to do is ask.

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