Thoughts On Moving On

I’m kinda sad today as I write this…

I’m sad because in just a few short weeks, I will be seeing a lot of my best friends go on to the next step in their lives. I am so excited for them, and I’m happy to see them taking these next steps and all that, but I’m going to miss hanging out with them, their friendship, their council, and all the random shenanigans that we used to have…

Ryan will be leaving to go down to Missouri to work with Eurasia Cafe to help raise money for missionaries in the Eurasia region. There is a great need for missionaries there, and it’s gonna be sweet for them to see and experience that. Ryan was one of my main go-to guys when I needed counsel. He was the Gandalf to my Frodo, he was wise and gentle, but would kick butt when he needed too…

Sticky, whom I had known pretty well before he left for his freshman year of college, I have gotten to know REALLY well this summer. He will be going back to York College for his sophomore year. I loved our “walks” outside and just talking about life, chillin’ and dreaming of the future. When I needed a walk to clear my mind, Sticky was always willing to take that with me… I’m going to miss our walks… but at least we’ll still have wings 🙂 (p.s. Sticky, we’re going to have to go on walks every time you come home, FYI…)

Jordan will be joining Sticky at York College. I am so excited for him to get out of his house, the only world he’s ever known, and get to experience new things. It’s going to be a great growing experience for him. Jordan and I began our relationship by playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time together. We quit at the Water Temple, and we always joke that as long as we never finish the game, we will be friends… When I need to relax and unwind, when I need to just lay back, forget all the worries of my day, Jordan is one of the first people I txt, he is one of a VERY few people I can hang out with and just let go of it all and forget about it…

Tyler and Cameron are embarking upon a cross country trip with nothing but what they can fit in their van. They they are calling this journey Further Along (visit their blog here) and they are traveling the country playing music. They are hitting up some places like Colorado, Missouri to visit Ryan and Janae, and they want to end up in Nashville and record an album. They are going to be doing awesome things and God is going to use them in powerful, amazing ways. (If you know of somewhere for them to play, let me know, I’ll see what I can do about putting them in touch with you…) Tyler and Cameron are two of my closest friends. The ones who I want to talk to when I am having a crappy day. They both often speak with wisdom beyond their years. Sometimes, we would just sit around and talk about nothing, and sometimes they would be conversations deeper than the ocean itself. And sometimes, we would sit and say nothing at all. To an introvert like me, that is one of the truest signs of a best friend, that you can sit with that person, say nothing, and it’s not awkward… They can both expect phone calls (probably texts, actually) from me on a regular basis…

I’m excited for all the things they will be doing, and it’s going to be good and growing for all of us, but I’m sad to see them go. I pray that God will keep them safe, and bring them back soon…

One comment on “Thoughts On Moving On

  1. Thanks Joel – it is crazy how so many of our crew are moving into new phases in life, yourself included. As you step up your role at the Family Center new opportunities will be coming your way. My dad always told me that life is full of stages – each stage has friends, experiences, memories, etc. The important part of life is to learn from past stages, enjoy the stage that you are in, and look forward to the stage that is yet to come. I am as excited for the next stage in your life as I am about the great times we have had in the last few years! Your a good man Joel! Love ya buddy.

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