Fairytales & Dragons

“Fairytales don’t tell kids that dragons exist, kids already know dragons exist. Fairytales tell kids that dragons can be killed.”
~ G. K. Chesterton

Now I like dragons, I think they are pretty cool creatures. That being said, I understand what this quote is talking about.

We all know that monsters exist. We see them in our dreams. We hear them in our dreams. In the dark of the night they haunt us.

They exist.
Without a doubt.

What we begin to doubt is that we can defeat these monsters. That is where these fairytales come in. These stories we love.

Think about it. Think through your favorite stories, books, movies, games, etc. They are probably the ones where there is an enemy that seems unable to be defeated, but then, through a lot of work, that enemy is defeated.

These stories stick in our minds because they give us hope that these enemies can be defeated. Our monster’s can be killed. We can overcome these monster’s.

I want to leave you with one final thought. A wise man (my 11th grade American Studies teacher) once told me “It’s always ok in the end. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.” No matter how it feels, we will overcome our monsters, and in the end, it will be ok!

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